If you have a message that you want to share, we can help with that. Whether that be a commercial, series, live event, church or special program, we will work hard and fast to find the best ways to reach your audience and the best rates to do so.

We know you have a great message; you just need the right platform. That’s where Gray Media comes in. We look at our clients as partners. We come alongside you and help create the stage from which you can reach your audience. So if a speaker has a great message but no one is around to hear it, does he still make a sound? We will make sure that doesn’t happen. Consider us your megaphone.

Never placed your program on TV before? That’s okay. We can start local.
Already on television but ready for the next step? Great! We can help you reach a national audience.
Think you’re budget is too small for TV? Reconsider. We have helped churches, projects, films, book campaigns, nonprofits, and events of all sizes–no matter the goals or budgets.
Want to have a global impact? You’ve come to the right place. We place programs in over 200 countries worldwide.
Frustrated with the lack of response to your TV program? It’s probably because you’re in an overcrowded space. When everyone’s fishing from the same pond, there won’t be that many fish to catch. So if you’re in a crowded pond, why not let us help you find an ocean?

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